Many companies that run from commercial premises need an examination through the Fire Prevention Bureau prior to the licence may be released.

Many companies that run from commercial premises need an examination through the Fire Prevention Bureau prior to the licence may be released.

Appropriate kinds of federal government issued recognition consist of:

  • Provincial medical care card
  • Delivery certification
  • Wedding certification
  • Immigration paperwork (includes document that is valid by Immigration and citizenship Canada)
  • Citizenship card
  • Citizenship certification


Fire Prevention Bureau approval

Many companies that run from commercial premises online installment loans need an examination through the Fire Prevention Bureau prior to the licence may be granted. Nonetheless, if a company licence is for one, or any combination, associated with fire-risk that is low kinds, it may be released only if the Fire approval is outstanding. Minimal fire-risk companies will demand to obtain the fire assessment within 1 month of these licence being given.

You must be ready for business, which means before you book your inspection:

  • Applicants should be in control associated with space/site
  • The business enterprise is preparing to provide customers ( e.g. Racks are stocked and fixtures come in spot)

To book your assessment, you must contact 311 with your organization recognition (BID) number request a Fire Inspection for Business Licence. It will take as much as five company times for an inspector to go to the area, consequently you ought to phone one week just before being prepared for business. Begin to see the Fire Department Business Licence Checklist to see just what is necessary for the assessment.

The Fire Prevention Bureau will inform the Licence Division using the outcomes of the assessment.

This assessment must certanly be done because of the Fire Prevention Bureau inspectors. This approval is in addition to virtually any examination carried out by the firefighting unit, for instance the occupancy examination finished on your own building permit. ????

Provincial certification approval

Specific company tasks need provincial certification along with your municipal company permit. These tasks have now been recognized as licence kinds from the chart above (see needed approvals chart).

Contact Service Alberta at 1-780-427-4088 (or cost free in Alberta just at 1-877-427-4088) and supply information on the licence kinds you’re presently trying to get with the populous city of Calgary. Provider Alberta will direct one to the correct contact that is provincial will give you further way in regards to satisfying the provincial certification demands essential for getting your municipal company licence.

Provincial licenses needs to be submitted into the City’s licence unit to search for the license that is municipal.

It is possible to provide your provincial licence:

  • Face-to-face in the Planning Services Centre: third flooring 800 Macleod Trail S.E. Calgary, AB
  • By fax: 403-537-3034


Alberta Automobile Business Council (AMVIC)

The Alberta federal government takes a permit for many automobile company tasks. You need to contact the Alberta engine Vehicle business Council (AMVIC) at 1-877-979-8100 for factual statements about receiving a licence that is provincial.

AMVIC calls for verification of City preparing approvals before they are going to issue A amvic that is provincial licence. When AMVIC dilemmas your provincial licence, you have to offer it towards the City of Calgary, that may then launch your municipal company licence.

Candidates can provide the AMVIC permit:

  • Face-to-face during the preparing Services Centre: third flooring 800 Macleod Trail SEARCH MOTOR Calgary, AB


For business licence fees, begin to see the company Licence Fee Schedule. The business enterprise licence charge routine is separated by licence kind. In case your company requires numerous licence kinds, the greatest category cost may be charged.

These charges try not to range from the costs pertaining to needed permits to meet land usage approval, or any third-party approvals or inspections which may be needed to get your licence.

How exactly to use

On Line

In the event that you need help when doing the job Live speak to us, 8 a.m. To 4:15 p.m. Monday to Friday.


More information

Acquiring your organization licence

A company permit will likely be given whenever all outstanding approvals are complete. The Planning Call Centre at 403-268-5311 if you wish to inquire about the status of your licence, please contact.

The business that is authorized should be delivered to the applicant into the mail, or if perhaps required, may be held at our permit pick-up countertop. Each time a commercial company is functional, the real content of the company licence needs to be published in an extremely noticeable location where in actuality the public is able to see it.

In the event that you plan to make any noticeable modifications to your organization after getting your licence, please go to handle your company to learn more.

The length of time is my licence beneficial to?

Company licences expire one 12 months through the issuance date. Forty-five times ahead of the licence expires, a notice is mailed out advising the licensee regarding the expiry date. Any outstanding fines must be compensated just before renewal.

Company ownership modifications

A small business licence or company ID just isn’t transferable from 1 individual to some other or from a single man or woman’s business premises to a different.

Several premises

A company running from one or more location takes a split company licence for every premises.

Licence kind combinations

To guarantee the appropriate approvals are produced for a small business, numerous licence kinds are mounted on a business licence that is single. For instance, a case manufacturer would need a maker licence type; in the event that company is additionally setting up the cabinets, a specialist licence kind is necessary. Both licence kinds can look in the exact same company licence document and just one renewal is supposed to be needed.


All charitable businesses should be related to another licenced company activity. Approval should be given by the province before you apply for a licence that is municipal.

Businesses perhaps not entitled to a charity status:

  • Liquor beverage product sales
  • Tobacco merchant

All fundraising activity is governed by the fundraising act that is charitable. Charitable businesses which can be just fundraising should contact provider Alberta, customer Services at 1-780-427-4088 or 1-877-427-4088.

All candidates because of this licence kind should first talk to the province about eligibility with this designation and register their company, just before trying to get a municipal company licence. Contact Service Alberta at 1-780-427-4088 (or cost free in Alberta just at 1-877-427-4088) to find out more.

Disclaimer: these details doesn’t have appropriate status and may not be utilized as the state interpretation for the different bylaws, codes and laws presently in place. The town of Calgary takes no obligation to individuals relying entirely about this information. Website pages are updated occasionally. ?

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