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Pronunciation /?f?t??/

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1 a kind of sexual interest for which satisfaction is connected up to an irregular level to a certain item, product of clothes, the main human body, etc.

  • ‘a foot fetish’
  • ‘At times, clients visited the groups looking for satisfaction of particular fetishes for instance the want to communicate with a woman that is dominant to have general general public humiliation or discomfort. ’
  • ‘i possibly couldn’t care less about their consensual, adult intimate fetishes. ’
  • ‘No, we are talking about that twilight realm of strange fetishes and intimate methods. ’
  • ‘ listed below are responses to the questions you have about attraction, sex, mindcontrol, base fetishes and much more. ’
  • ‘Necrophile attractions – in accordance along with other paraphilic intimate fetishes – have a tendency to manifest young. ’
  • ‘Erogenous zones must be distinguished from intimate fetishes. ’
  • ‘In this remake of Frank Capra’s Mr. Deeds visits Town, Adam Sandler’s inheritance includes John Turturro as being a butler with a fetish for males’s legs. ’
  • ‘She quickly learns of an underground culture of sex addicts, led by Knoxville, that will visit absolutely nothing to meet their different intimate dreams and fetishes. ’
  • ‘In that time, we have taken a glance at a wide selection of intimate fetishes which range from the unnerving to the truly horrifying into the baffling. ’
  • ‘He noted that intimate fetishes, in spite of how strange they may seem, had been a manifestation of the individuality. ’
  • ‘Do you need to understand a tick-list of the intimate fetishes? ’
  • ‘As you can view, there’s absolutely no reference to intimate fetishes or dreams of any sort. ’
  • ‘His bondage art usually catches that precise visual we previously described, that I give consideration to nearly a fetish in as well as itself.

  1. 1.1 an extortionate and irrational devotion or dedication to a specific thing.
  • ‘i usually possessed a fetish for coconut and lamingtons had been covered with coconut…’
  • ‘It seemed as though she possessed a fetish for tiny Manila files. ’
  • ‘A billionaire that has a fetish for huge structures and computerized workplaces was not expected to do much meditation. ’
  • ‘She had a fetish for fixing things up if they don’t look appropriate. ’
  • ‘I experienced a fetish for basketball till 8th grade, and had been the most effective girl into the college at it. ’
  • ‘The nation-head must work out care before generally making dietary that is personal into what become governmental statements. ’
  • ‘First down, certainly one of my favourite movie fetishes is coming back, big style. ’
  • ‘The writer includes a fetish for war-machines, ideally traditional people, therefore the guide is created entirely to increase their pleasure. ’
  • ‘The Prime Minister, whom appears to make a fetish of showing that energy is certainly not incompatible with panache, is (or more their spokesman claims) a Stones fan. ’
  • ‘Everyone walks in darkness, with practices which have become fetishes. ’
  • ‘About the full time we must have now been dealing with grownup obligations we made a fetish of resisting the Establishment. ’

2 An inanimate item worshipped because of its expected magical abilities or since it is regarded as inhabited by way of a character.

  • ‘When his mom offered him to white males, she told him to thank and worship the fetishes, things thought to have magical abilities by ancient individuals, simply because they can make him pleased. ’
  • ‘Do we have the thing that relics, totems, and fetishes are meant to make individuals feel? ’
  • ‘A renegade missionary is savagely transformed into the worship of a tribal fetish. ’
  • ‘Once the job is finished the nature makes the fetish plus it becomes an object that is ordinary. ’
  • ‘The 32 photographs in this show ranged from pictures of individuals within the Haitian Carnival to priests, priestesses, and spiritual fetishes and shrines in Brazil and Nigeria. ’
  • ‘He taught regulations of Moses and spoke against sorcery, fetishes, charms, and polygamy (having one or more partner at exactly the same time). ’
  • ‘Charms, talismans, fetishes, pictures, what-have-you – small items that we can connect with someone or a spot or an occasion in my own life. That I wear or keep or carry within my pocket’
  • ‘consistent with their sense that Zuni life ended up being timeless prior to the advent of Whites, their shows dehistoricized the masks, fetishes, along with other items they included. ’
  • ‘One of their brothers went down with their spouse along with his fetishes (objects believed to have magical abilities that his individuals worshipped). ’
  • ‘Eventually we discovered I became making a charm or fetish linked to one of several gods I’d been currently talking about. ’
  • ‘But you might want to explore some long-lasting solution that doesn’t revolve around an outside fetish item such as for instance a crystal or talisman. ’


Early century that is 17th denoting an item utilized by the individuals of western Africa being an amulet or charm): from French fetiche, from Portuguese feitico ‘charm, sorcery’ (originally an adjective meaning ‘made by art’), from Latin facticius (see factitious).

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